Aikido is a contemporary martial art that the founder founder Ueshiba Sorihei (1883-1969) studied the mystery of traditional Japanese martial arts, and was founded through more severe spiritual practice, idealizing the movement of mind, mind and body.

The ultimate aim of Aikido is to get to know the harmonious flow of the universe within my every single stroke of microcosmos.
Based on the spirit of Aikido which is a unique culture and martial arts in Japan, we aim to cultivate mental flexibility that can respond sensitively to various situations as well as training of the body at the Society.

There is no attack technique from yourself in Aikido. If you receive an attack from the other party, we aim to control the opponent by using that momentum.
It is a martial art with the opposite idea to the common sense of the first victory, including the traditional Japanese spiritual element that respects peace, and contains a very reasonable and reasonable element that can deal with actual attacks.

Aikido will not play games. Basic practice is to practice and practice techniques against various attacks in practice. By doing so, we can cultivate strong spiritual power and flexible thinking skills that can handle not only technical but also emergency.

Also at this dojo, various people gather regardless of nationality, age, gender, occupation, so you can know various values, while taking into consideration each other's physical strength and proficiency> While practicing repeatedly, it is natural Exchange is born.
Aikido that does not compete in superiority or competition, does not compete for superiority or inferiority, aims to improve his skills while respecting each other, is said to be a martial art suitable for the age in which the bonds of people are required together with independence of individuals and the weight of life is appealed I guess.

Martial arts originated from the spirit of Naotake of Japanese ancient times, developed through a long history and a transition of society. The martial arts charter below is the Nihon Budo Council's basic guidelines set forth for the new development of martial arts, a traditional Japanese culture.

Purpose 1st article Martial arts aims to refine personality through training of mind and body by martial arts, to raise insight and to cultivate significant people.
Practice 2nd article In practicing, keeping the referee all the time, emphasizing the fundamentals, not only biotechnology but also training the heart skill as one.
Match 3rd article When going to the performance of the game and the shape, demonstrate the martial arts spirit of the political refinement, do their best, lose without winning win, always repent, always adhere to moderate attitude.
Dojo 4th article Dojo is a place of physical and mental training, observe discipline and etiquette, pursue quiet, cleanliness and safety, and strive to maintain solemn environment.
Supervise 5th article In teaching, always strive for ceramics of personality, encourage studies of academic skills, mind and body training, adhere to the attitude appropriate for mahjong without being caught up with victory or loss of skill and skills.
Spred 6th article Utilizing the characteristics of traditional martial arts, we will strive to develop martial arts as well as to enhance guidance and promotion of research from an international perspective, taking advantage of the characteristics of traditional martial arts.

Established April 2, 1984 Nihon Budo Council