in April 2007, Aikido Dojo was born in Minami Aoyama as Aikikai Minami Aoyama Branch.
In December 2011, I changed my name to Aoyama-kai (Aoyama-kai), I will continue to refine my mind, skill and body through Aikido, and I will foster the spirit of martial arts together.
Please do not hesitate to ask the first person, experienced person.

  • Practice place:Hikawa Dojo
  • Date and time:Every Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00
  • Dress changing room · locker · shower complete

The promotion of promotion will be conducted twice a year at the judgment of the leader.
Those who passed the promotion examination should register at (good) Aikikai.
In that case, the entrance fee of Aikikai Headquarters Dojo is required.

Attitude at Dojo

  • 1. Be polite, keep discipline, obey the teachings of the leader faithfully.
  • 2. Practicing seriously, in order to avoid injury or mistreatment.
  • 3. When practicing is over, be sure to clean the dojo and always try the clean environment.
  • 4. Dojo is smoke-free.
  • 5. Do not practice with a drunkard.
  • 6. In the dojo, honor "harmony" with each other, let's encourage you to practice brightly.
  • 7. All injuries during training or other accidents will be the responsibility of the individual member.

September 24, 2018
Aikido Aoyama society "Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan special practice" was held.
More than 80 people participated.
I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to those who have practiced with Aikido lovers.

Origin of Seizankai


Humans have ideals and goals and leave their hometown
If it is achieved, which one is going to return
Hometown is important, but it will not be too sticking
Where you can make yourself use yourself in the world It's a place to fill bones (Aoyama:grave) and it is the hometown of my heart
<将東遊題壁  釈月性>